What we do

Make money with Crypto Makr by providing network coverage for IoT devices. We will send you a free Helium miner and pay you. You just plug the device in, set it up, and start earning!

If you want the whole story about these devices and how they work, you can either go to the Helium website and see everything they offer, or you can read my post about it.

Helium. The people’s network.

Who we are

Crypto Makr is a company based out of Arizona. We are owned by a couple of like-minded philanthropists and want to help our community prosper and grow. We plan on doing this in multiple ways. First by enabling the community to earn money by providing Helium devices. Second, we will be providing content for financial services and financial literacy for the community to utilize.  By doing this we hope that the community that follows us will use the money they make with us to better their lives.

How it works

You earn Helium tokens (HNT) every time the device transfers data.
You earn varying amounts of HNT depending on the type of “work” performed by the device. The network is validated through an algorithm called Proof-of-Coverage (PoC).

To participate, hotspots receive instructions (called challenges) to transmit data to nearby hotspots (witnesses) to verify. These challenges are called “beacons” and can only happen if there are neighboring hotspots. If a hotspot is stand-alone without any other hotspots within range, it earns less money because it can only issue challenges that cannot be verified. It will also be unable to witness. So the more devices in an area the more money you can make, but there is a density scale which I speak about more in my Helium post.

Why choose us?

Here at Crypto Makr, we want to help expand the IoT network. We would also like to help our community grow and prosper. A majority of the money we make be will going to sustainable earth projects and other community-based projects to help create a better future for us all.

Helium hotspots cost around 500$ a piece normally, but we will send you one for free. We will also provide you with all the information necessary for you to get it set up properly so you can start to earn. Best of all, our commission rates are competitive at 30/70.

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