Pipeflare, Online arcade and gaming community 

Pipeflare is awesome, you go on here every day and you can collect multiple coins; Zcash, Doge and their native token Flare. They have an NFT bonus power-up system which they just implemented recently, they just started token staking, and also have a 4 tier referral system with the ability to buy referrals for permanent stable % commission. They give many bonuses and have a strong community backing them. They aren’t yet on the blockchain themselves, however, this will only be for a short time longer. They are growing quickly, don’t miss out on this one.

Author: Aaron

My goals for the future: As an entrepreneur and philanthropist, I intend to only work with companies that aim to make a positive impact on the world and the communities we live in. I support sustainable earth in many ways, I aim to end homelessness in America by 2025, an am Ambassador for Shatterproof - Reversing Addiction, and an advocate for suicide prevention. I also have very much respect for our armed forces and Veterans, and do what I can for them alongside my buddy at brotherskeepersministry.com

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