Webull is a fantastic trading app for novice and intermediate investors to learn on. They also have great market data for experienced investors. It offers just about everything you could want from an investment platform in your pocket. It even has a web-based version if you want to trade from the computer instead of the phone, which I prefer personally.

They offer some trading courses and a paper money trading account for new investors to learn and practice strategies with. This is a definite plus. They don’t want to leave the new guys out of the crowd. One of my favorite courses is the day trading course for beginners. Really helpful information if you want to learn how to day trade.

The platform Webull provides for trading is packed with useful information and tools. When you sign in you get access to analyst recommendations, as well as revenue and historical earnings, key statistics, insider trades, and information on the stocks such as earnings, dividends, and splits. You also get a news feed that gives you access to information that could impact your trading. They have crypto trading too. Plus free stocks when you sign up, and that’s all I need to go check it out.

Perks of using Webull

$0 commission
Can trade crypto 24/7
Requires just a $1 minimum deposit.
Free real-time data
8 charts and 50+ indicators to help analyze the market
Highly customizable layout
Accessible on mobile and web.
Interact with others in the community tab
Timely customer service
24/7 help center
Two-factor authentication
Safe and secure
Webull’s Research Offerings

And they don’t just offer American stocks, they offer stocks from all over the world! To make it better, they have plenty of IPO’s, futures trading, and options also.

Webull offers a free stock promotion in which you and someone you refer to Webull could receive 1 share of stock worth up to $1,000. If you have a lot of friends who like to invest and are new to Webull, it could really add up.

If you want to check them out use my link below!


Author: Aaron

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