MyConstant is a multi-market P2P investment platform based in the US. It offers two different investment products with interest ranging from 4% APY to 7% APR. You can lock your money away for 1-6 months for the best rates or choose anytime-withdrawals for flexibility. There are no fees, 24-7 customer support across email, telephone, and social media. MyConstant also provides a free library of resources to achieve your financial goals, fast. 


Products and benefits


Flex (where you’ll earn your 20%)Crypto-backedCrypto Lend
ProtectionCollateral put up in a third-party lending poolCollateral put up by MyConstant borrowersMyConstant will indemnify you in certain cases
Interest rate4% APY6-7% APR9% APY
Interest paidEvery secondAt the end of the termEvery second
TermNo term1 month

3 month

6 month

No term
WithdrawalAnytimeAt the end of the termAnytime
Minimum investment10 USD50 USD0.001 BTC
Maximum investmentNoNo5 BTC worth of each supported  token
End term early?N/AYes, and you earn 2% APR  on elapsed timeN/A
Suitable forNovice investors, new customers, and those who need access to their moneyExperienced investors who can commit to a fixed term for a better rateLong-term cryptocurrency holders who want to earn a return on their idle assets






  • 4% APY, compounded and paid every second
  • No fees
  • Anytime withdrawals
  • Minimum investment just $10
  • No maximum investment limit


Flex is MyConstant’s anytime-withdrawal investment account. It pays 4% APY on deposits and you can withdraw anytime for free. If you want to earn a bank-beating rate on your money, consider Flex as your flexible investing alternative. You get 50x better interest than a savings account without locking in your money. 


Flex works by investing your money in collateralized lending pools from which borrowers can get loans in return for interest. As such, it’s not a savings account, and is not FDIC-insured. However, it offers the convenience of a savings account with anytime withdrawals and a much better rate, so could be an ideal way to diversify your investments.






  • Up to 7% APR
  • Flexible terms 1-6 months
  • No fees
  • Collateral-backed
  • Minimum investment $50
  • No maximum investment


Crypto-backed is a P2P lending product that pays up to 7% APR on fixed terms of 1, 3, or 6 months. When you invest in Crypto-backed, your money funds a lending pool from which borrowers can get loans in return for interest. Borrowers must put up 100-200% of the loan amount in cryptocurrency as collateral to secure the loan, which is sold to repay you if they default or their collateral value falls to a threshold.


With flexible terms and up to 3x the interest of a CD, Crypto-backed offers a reliable alternative investment in challenging times. Given all lending is backed by cryptocurrencies, the risk of loss due to borrower default is lower than unsecured P2P lending platforms. MyConstant carefully selects which cryptocurrencies it accepts as collateral to ensure they can be sold at a moment’s notice. Their lending model has not failed them yet, with no investor losses since launch in early 2019.


Crypto Lend




  • Pays 9% APY on BTC, ETH, and BNB.
  • Interest compounded and paid every second.
  • Unlimited free withdrawals.
  • No minimum investment.
  • Available worldwide (non-US currencies converted to USD).


Crypto Lend is MyConstant’s anytime-withdrawal investment account for cryptocurrencies. With Crypto Lend, you earn 9% APY on Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Coin (BNB) by supplying liquidity to lending pools and exchanges. Your interest is paid and compounded every second in the same cryptocurrency you use to invest, and you can withdraw anytime for free. MyConstant has also capped investments at $3M to ensure it can cover investor losses in cases where it or its partners are at fault. 


Additional Benefits


  • No fees (investing, depositing, transferring, and withdrawing are all FREE).
  • 24/7 customer support across email, telephone, and social media.
  • A vast library of investor resources to help get the most out of their platform.
  • A fully-featured iOS and Android app.
  • All fiat currencies accepted (though are converted to USD upon reaching the platform).
  • Available worldwide.




  • MyConstant is rated 4.6 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot (250+ reviews).
  • MyConstant uses Prime Trust, an accredited US financial institution, for almost all cash management. This means MyConstant rarely takes ownership of your funds, reducing custodial risk to you.
  • MyConstant has featured in many prominent finance and tech publications, including Forbes, Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Zero Hedge.


Incentives / special offers


Free $2,000 trial bonus for new US customers


If you’re a US citizen who signs up and passes KYC, you’ll receive a 30-day trial bonus of $2,000 to invest in Flex at 4% APY. After 30 days, MyConstant will reclaim the $2,000, but you keep the interest. This gives you the opportunity to try the platform before committing any of your own money.


Refer friends for a $20 bonus (US only) plus 20% of their Flex interest


MyConstant also offers a generous referral rewards program. For any US citizen who signs up using your unique referral link, passes KYC, and deposits at least $10, you will earn a $20 bonus and 20% of their Flex interest in their first year of investing. For example, if your friend earns $100 in their first year, you get $20 without lifting a finger.



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