Helium is the Peoples Network. It runs the Helium hotspot devices, and is creating the Global IoT network of the future. If you aren’t in on this yet, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity. Go now before it’s to late.


Want to mine bitcoin with a heater? Heatbit takes up the challenge and goes as far as to say you will be able to earn extra money this winter by running one of their heaters.

BobCat Miner

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Looking to mine Helium or build your own products? Nebra is home of all things IoT. Very impressive selection.

Crypto Makr


The time is here!

Hey guys? Have bad credit? Need some help? We’ve got your back!

We are starting the pre-registration today 11/22/2021.

Pre-registration puts you in line to receive 1 helium hotspot with 4g capabilities.
A credit builder loan. secured by hotspot payments.
Access to the credit builder course when it opens.
A savings account created to help you pay off existing debt.

Best part of it all? You get to plug the device in, learn better financial strategies so you can keep your credit score high, and stay out of debt, and we take care of the rest for you.

Ready to manage your debt once and for all?
Sign up now! 

A portion of all proceeds goes towards these projects:

One Tree Planted.
Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Shatterproof – Reversing Addiction
The National Alliance to End Homelessness