Crypto Makr

Hey guys, welcome to Crypto Makr. My name is Aaron and I’m an investor, philanthropist, and cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Crypto Makr was created to be a project that met many passions of mine all at once. As a philanthropist, I love to help people in need as much as possible. So I wanted to find a way that I could help people with money and knowledge. The Helium blockchain has made this a no-brainer. I intend to send out free Helium hotspot devices to you guys in an effort to help raise money for the community and sustainable earth projects, while also helping each person that signs up with their own personal finances.

I aim to assist my community in learning financial literacy and to help my readers leverage the power of the internet to obtain financial freedom in their lives. I would also like to create a greener planet for the children. A good portion of the commissions we take here at Crypto Makr will fund sustainable earth and community projects.


For sustainable earth, we will be working with One Tree Planted. We will plant 10 trees for every customer every time we send out payments.

As for the community projects we will be raising money for the following:

Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Shatterproof – Reversing Addiction
The National Alliance to End Homelessness

If you want to help with the project, please visit the What We Do section, and Read my post about the Helium network to get a better understanding of your part in this.

How I plan to do this


To reach these goals, I plan on doing quite a few things. First I will be sending Helium hotspot devices to the community. This is the method in which I will be raising funds for everything. Next, I will be creating a financial literacy course that will help the community to learn how to fix or build credit easily, best practices for tracking finances, and eventually, courses on trading stocks and cryptocurrencies for profit. I will also be recommending services that I use that help me to reach my financial goals easier

Before we continue on, I do want to let my readers know that nearly all of the links on this website are affiliate links, and I do get paid for you to use them. A good majority of them also benefit you guys in some way, and none of them take anything away from you in any way.

I’d like to say thank you, readers, I hope what I offer helps you guys. I know these things helped me through some hard times, and continue to do so now. All I can do is continue to learn and grow every day, and I continue to find new ways to enhance the quality of the life I live. Hopefully what I offer can help you do the same.