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Helium is the Peoples Network. It runs the Helium hotspot devices, and is creating the Global IoT network of the future. If you aren’t in on this yet, you’re missing out on an amazing opportunity. Go now before it’s to late.


Want to mine bitcoin with a heater? Heatbit takes up the challenge and goes as far as to say you will be able to earn extra money this winter by running one of their heaters.

BobCat Miner

Click here to buy your bobcat miner now!


Looking to mine Helium or build your own products? Nebra is home of all things IoT. Very impressive selection.

Crypto Makr

We are currently experiencing difficulties with trying to start the business we were intended to start. Sorry for this. I am going to go back to the drawing board and start fresh with something new, Crypto Makr will return once I am able to actually get it up and running.